Your Manufacturing Representative

BJG Trading serves as an experienced and highly skilled representative for a wide variety of new and established manufacturers across several industries, giving them direct access to key export markets and bilingual communication. And with the ability to represent multiple lines from any manufacturer, BJG facilitates the delivery of a comprehensive source of products and information—an invaluable resource to clients looking to save time and money by eliminating research and red tape. What’s more, clients are able to work directly with manufacturers through a single point of entry thanks to BJG Trading.

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Our Vendors

Below you’ll find vendors we represent. If you are interested in BJG Trading serving as your primary Manufacturing Representative or as your import & export liaison for the products you need, we’d love to hear from you—simply contact us here.


Supplier of premium pool chemicals including sanitizers, oxidizers, filter cleaners and more


Supplier of floating rafts, test kits, hoses, floating chlorinators and more